Our mission is to ensure that employers are treated fairly when they pay for care.

It's no question that employers are a cornerstone of American healthcare. Almost half of Americans have health insurance through their employer, and a majority of them get it through a self-insured plan. That means that employers are financially responsible for the healthcare of 100 million Americans.

Paying for healthcare is a top concern for self-insured employers today. With healthcare costs rising year after year, employers are finding it difficult to offer the benefits that their employees need. Atana Health aspires to reduce the financial burden of healthcare by driving automation and transparency in the way we pay for healthcare.

Healthcare is unaffordable

Healthcare has become an unattainable luxury for many Americans. A snapshot of our healthcare system illustrates this point:

  1. Healthcare, after salaries, is the second highest operating expense for American employers.
  2. Since 2008, workers’ earnings have increased 26% whereas annual deductibles have increased 212%.
  3. A third of Americans have a hard time paying their medical bills, and 73% of them have spent less on food and other necessities to pay for healthcare.

With 61% of Americans not having enough savings to cover a $1000 unexpected medical bill, more people falling into medical debt every day as the cost of healthcare marches higher.

What you pay is not fair

It is estimated that 90% of medical claims have errors, from duplicate billing to up-coding. Patients are being charged for procedures they did not receive, procedures that were not as complex as reflected on the bill, and procedures that were medically unnecessary. Catching and disputing these errors before the claim is paid is extremely difficult when done manually, requiring many experts.

Atana Health reduces healthcare costs for self-funded employers by automating the claim review process. Claims are reviewed for errors, and if any exist a dispute is kicked off to lower the cost. A dashboard provides real-time insight into every claim so employers have transparency in their healthcare plan's performance.

Automation and transparency will benefit employers

  1. Automation: We believe that employers and their benefits brokers don’t have the time or energy to constantly review and dispute claims. Atana assists both parties by automating this process, preventing them from wasting their money and their time.
  2. Transparency: We believe that efficient healthcare is impossible unless consumers can easily access the true price of services. Atana provides employers with data on benchmarking against federal and local prices, allowing them to choose smarter options and optimize their plan over time.

The rising cost of healthcare is a defining challenge of our times. We look forward to helping create a world where everyone can afford the care they need.